REQUIEM MASS by Mark Posey

A Nun with a Gun. Book 4.0

Mystery Thriller Short Story

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“Another well-written character, who adds nicely to the big picture compiled of these short stories.”

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“the action and suspense do not disappoint”

“I am very interested in seeing where this story goes next!”

“So much action and emotion packed into a short story”

“I’m thoroughly enjoying the adventures of Alice (aka Sister Jacobine)”

“A touch of humility from an unexpected visitor makes this story even more three dimensional”

“I love the story-line, character development and emotion that Mr. Posey is able to put into these short stories.”

“This continues to be an exciting and unique read!!”

“Mark Posey’s stories grab you by the throat and shake you.”

“Quick and totally unexpected. I really enjoyed another quick look into Alice’s life.”

“Each short book leaves me wanting more.”

“There are surprises, twists, vulnerability and heart wrenching moments”

The man who ordered her death lands in her lap…

The Cardinal Secretary of State, Giovanni Buscaglia, arrives in Philadelphia, his four henchmen by his side. Sister Jacobine shows up at his hotel to put an end to his attempted grab for power within the church. She never imagined that the consequences of her actions would rip her heart in two.

A Nun With A Gun is a series of short stories and novelettes about Sister Jacobine, the Pope’s hitwoman. They are best read in order.

1.0 Feet of Clay
2.0 A Port in the Storm
3.0 Excommunication
4.0 Requiem Mass
5.0 Den of Lions
6.0 The Narrow Gate

Thriller Short Story

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Requiem Mass
Average rating:  
 2 reviews
by IngSav on Requiem Mass
I loved it, arresting and enthralling!

So much action and emotion packed into a short story. I'm thoroughly enjoying the adventures of Alice (aka Sister Jacobine). This latest addition to the series further draws us into the trials and traumas associated with her long life of service as a hit woman for the Vatican. A touch of humility from an unexpected visitor makes this story even more three dimensional. I was very drawn into Alice's emotions in this book and look forward to reading what is next for her in the series.

I highly recommend this series but you really need to start them in the correct order to fully appreciate the interesting character development and evolving story.

by Shannon on Requiem Mass
Another great book

Sister Jacobine aka Alice is back in another action packed story. This installment continues to be fresh and interesting and keep you wondering what will happen next and how she will get out of her latest situation.

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