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An SRP Anthology

Suspense Thriller Fiction Anthology

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Five thrill-filled, breathless tales.

Stories Rule Press presents Thriller Digest 2022: Hunted.

Either innocent or guilty, to be pursued is to know fear. When you are being hunted, the enemy is always too close to draw breath. When you are in a chase, questions abound. Why? Who? Will I survive this?

Be thrilled by five heart-stopping stories featuring characters who learn that being hunted is a dark and deadly game, in Stories Rule Press’ 2022 edition of Thriller Digest. Includes stories by:

M.L. Buchman
Lauryn Christopher
Tracy Cooper-Posey
Stephanie Mylchreest
Mark Posey

Thriller Digest 2022: Hunted is the third volume in a quarterly collection of genre fiction anthologies presented by Stories Rule Press.

This Anthology is one of several presented by Stories Rule Press Inc. Check out the rest here!

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Thriller Digest 2022: Hunted
Average rating:  
 4 reviews
 by Heather Baxter
Hunted ........ Thriller Digest 2022

For all the stories I read, after buying this compendium, I couldn't wait to read both Tracy Cooper-Posey & Mark Posey.

I found both these stories to be very different, but both engaging all the same with story writing & the way of telling how things went.

Life just isn't easy which ever way you look at it, so it was so much easier to read how these people had to deal with the cards they'd been deal, especially the mother of twins too.

Great read, thanx again Tracy xx.

 by KatZ
Five Thrilling Stories

Honor Flight

Miranda Chase is an investigator with the NTSB. This was an interesting story, all the plane lingo thrust you right into the story, and the resulting investigation was entertaining. Miranda Chase is a most interesting character and I feel like there is much more to this talented lady. I loved her last words in this story. She is a delight.

A Healthy Paranoia

Am I being followed? That starts this interesting espionage type story set in Portland. What is even more interesting, is you don’t really know who anyone really is or what is really going on. It just spirals down into almost madness, and then it ends. Great. Marjorie Harmon is a very interesting character. Definitely talented and not what you expect.

The Games We Play

What a great title for a story about the life of Michael O’Halloran and all of the things that made him who he is. I thought it was a very well developed story and I enjoyed reading it.

The Nomad

Set in some future time, this story is about Olive Monroe who is trying to find missing children and she knows the Nomad is involved. Olive is a determined woman, and of course a likable character. This story is somewhat horrific in nature. A character study on human nature, with a startling reveal at the end.

Dead Drop

Sophie, a wife alone with sick children receives a disturbing phone call, which sets off a series of events no one could imagine. A very entertaining story.

 by Marilyn C Putman
Atmospheric collection of stories

Honor Flight, by M. L. Buchman
An interestingly different angle on an NTSB crash investigation, with the technical details rendered comprehensible to the reader, this story pulled me in almost immediately. I could almost imagine myself in the crashed plane; the descriptions were that good. It was a satisfying story, with a very good ending, but I would have liked to have known more about the protagonist; I was left with many unanswered questions. The author has written an entire series with Miranda Chase as the main character; I bet the answers are in there! I noticed the clues to the mystery as I read along; did I put together the sequence of events before Miranda did? Of course not, and that’s one more reason why this story was such a good one.

A Healthy Paranoia, by Lauryn Christopher
This first-person story almost immediately infects the reader with the main characters’s paranoia, which quickly becomes completely understandable. The constant rain of the story’s location, the Pacific Northwest, contributes considerably to this claustrophobic, absorbing tale as the tension ratchets higher and higher. The main character, Meg Harrison, shows us several different aspects of her skills, which are many and varied. Meg is a complex creation, and I have no doubt that the reader has seen only a small, yet impressive, fragment of what this character can deliver.

The Games We Play, by Mark Posey
While I found the structure of the story a little confusing to begin with, the alternating current of present day events and old memories provides a rough texture and describes not only the man that Detective Sergeant Mike O’Halloran has become, but also highlights some of the pivotal points in his life that molded him into that man. It’s always interesting — and sometimes amazing — to see just how much content a talented writer can pack into a small number of words. This is a well-filled backpack of a tale; the heavy weight of it is the experience carried by O’Halloran, both past and present.

The Nomad, by Stephanie Mylchreest
The grid is down in a large nameless city: “It was a lawless world, and only the strong would survive.” In this terrifying setting Olive Monroe searches for children who have been taken; the purpose for their kidnappings still being unknown. Olive’s stress and anxiety is also in the reader’s mind as her search continues. The author never tips her hand in this story, which is satisfying up to a most surprising climax.

Dead Drop, by Tracy Cooper-Posey
Banff, a resort town in the Canadian Rockies which is located within the Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada, was an inspired choice for this story. This small town, where the locals receive a warmer smile than the tourists, is as much a character as any of its residents. Sophie, a mother of four including recently-born twins, finds herself and her family threatened by an unknown person (or persons?). Her husband is far away and she has no friends to turn to. The pressure-filled story follows Sophie as she attempts to solve her dilemma. The climax of this atmospheric and tightly-plotted story is a doozy, one that cannot be forgotten and absolutely should not be missed. The denouement: fascinating and very satisfying for this reader. An extra bonus feature for me was a perfectly placed Star Trek reference.

I received a complimentary copy of Hunted and am giving my honest opinion. This is a tight collection of fascinating stories, in a genre that I have not read for some years as these days I trend toward happier topics. Nevertheless, I read each story in its entirety without a break because I simply had to find out what happened to each of these characters. Well done!

 by Dina Bushrod
Complete AWESOME thrillers wrapped up in short story format

The Games We Play by Mark Posey is the first of the five stories I read. I have to say that for a short story it packed quite a punch. It felt like the main character was next to me telling the story of events in his life. His interactions with his Dad, things he did as a kid, games played with a friend, events as a police officer. All of which shaped the man he is. Great read and I recommend it and the author's other books as well.

I figured for my next read I'd stick to the other Posey author, Tracy, and her story Dead Drop. I've always liked reading and watching, stories about characters stuck in Witness Protection, and the usually drastic life changes they have to go through, then usually doing something that gets them found by the bad guys. In this scenario, we have a married couple, now with twins, that find themselves hiding and living their lives in a small town. A nice town where the citizens care and watch out for each other. Through no fault of theirs, they are discovered and we read about the wife's day, after being discovered and the fear she goes through, as she's forced to do as instructed or their whereabouts will be disclosed to those they're hiding from. She does what she must to protect her family. Although this is a short story it's long enough to show us the fear of disclosure and of once again running and hiding in fear if things turn bad. This is a first for me as I love this author's work, but in entirely different genres; now I'll have to add this genre as well. I now can say I highly recommend ALL her books.

Next is Honor Flight by M.L. Buchman, a new author for me and very different from my regular reads. The heroine is magnificent in her knowledge of her job with the National Transportation Safety Board as an Investigator-in-Charge, even though she does have some problems interacting with others. Her attention to detail uncovers the reason a military transport jet crashes, a Dignified Transfer flight; a flight returning our soldiers, who've died in action, to their loved ones. The attention to detail in the story is awesome; the author did some serious research to bring this story to life.

More to come later.

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