SHERLOCK BOXED IN by Tracy Cooper-Posey

Sherlock Holmes Story 2.5

Historical Romantic Suspense Series Boxed Set

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Boxed Sherlock Holmes series duology:

Chronicles of the Lost Years

A secret that Holmes is compelled to solve

Elizabeth Sigerson — independent, practical, a crack shot with a pistol. Definitely not a woman of her time. She can more than hold her own against Holmes’ abilities.

Watson takes up his pen one last time in a private memoir that tells the true tale of Holmes’ adventures during his three year absence from Baker Street known as The Great Hiatus.

What happened to Sherlock Holmes in the three years Dr. Watson thought he was dead?

The Case of the Reluctant Agent

Holmes must face the memories that haunt him.

It is 1917 and the Great War has been raging for three long years.

When Mycroft is shot and left for dead, Holmes is forced to Constantinople to uncover the man behind the deed. Unfortunately, before he was assaulted Mycroft failed to communicate which of his agents was the turncoat.

So begins Holmes’ reluctant return to the Near East. The adventure provokes a bagful of memories, both bitter and sweet of that area of the world where he spent so much time with Elizabeth Sigerson. The hunt for the agent who betrayed Mycroft unravels with breath-robbing surprises that even Holmes with all his skills could never have anticipated.

The Amazon Historical Mystery bestseller, Chronicles of the Lost Years, and the World War I set sequel, The Case of the Reluctant Agent, are now collected into a boxed set, along with all the conversations surrounding them, and the three original Conan Doyle stories that inspired them.

This book is part of the Sherlock Holmes series:
1.0:  Chronicles of the Lost Years
2.0:  The Case of the Reluctant Agent
2.5:  Sherlock Boxed In (Series Boxed Set)

The series contains continuing characters and storylines and is best read in order.

A Romantic Sherlock Holmes Novel

{Also see: Romance, Sherlock Holmes, Romantic Thrillers, Novels}

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Sherlock Boxed In
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