DRAGON KIN by Tracy Cooper-Posey

Once and Future Hearts. Book 2.0

Historical Fantasy Romance/Ancient Historical Romance Novel

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I’ve read so many books about King Arthur, from Morte d’Arthur to scholarly theses on the true origin of King Arthur. This series is without a doubt the BEST!!!

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Every book I read by Tracy Cooper-Posey is like an intricate puzzle piece. It’s beautiful and unique on its own, but when you study it from different angles you find out it’s just a piece of the bigger picture and this author gets the pieces to click into place in the most interesting and unpredictable ways.

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I love that I learn new things from reading one of Cooper-Posey’s books while at the same time experience action, adventure and romance…and not that stupid love-at-first-sight-everything-works-out-the-way-we-want romance, either. She writes earthy, emotionally charged, realistic love stories.

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ABSOLUTELY beautiful story! The characters are so well written, you feel like you are in the middle of their world, interacting with them on a personal level!

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OMG. I love this story, it’s a grand classic of historical romance. Oh how I’d love to see this as a movie.

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Tracy just nailed it once again.

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I loved this one so much! I spent the entire book telling myself to slow down and savor the tale and also not being able to put the book down.

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What a great book! It’s not a short book, but reads like one. The dialogue moves the plot, the action moves the plot, even the narrative does not waste a single word. I read the book twice because I liked it so much.

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This is a wonderful book! OMG, I didn’t want this one to end (3000 pages might’ve been enough). I haven’t stopped thinking about this book since i finished it last week-wondering what else might have gone on in their lives.

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Any time my husband was trying to get my attention while reading this novel I told him, “I can’t help it. I’m over a 1,000 years away falling in love with a king and making friends with the Lady of the Lake!”

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This series puts Tracy Cooper Posey up there with the great Arthurian writers like Stewart and Bradley. Her vivid descriptions and historical snippets add so much to an already great story that I could not put it down.

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Will she become the cursed king’s fifth dead wife?

In Lesser Britain, drought grips the land, forcing Arawn, King of Brocéliande, to take a fifth wife, hoping she will be the mother of his firstborn, whom the prophecy says will break the curse and save his people.

Ilsa, daughter of a wood cutter, is brought to Lorient to wed the cold, distant Arawn, terrified she will become the king’s next dead wife.  There she learns about the true High King of Britain, Ambrosius, and his brother Uther, who build an army to take back Britain from the Saxons and Vortigern the Usurper.

Can Arawn find a way to save his people and the land that supports the future Pendragon?  Will Ilsa break the curse?

This novel is part of the ancient historical romance series, Once and Future Hearts, set in Britain during the time of King Arthur.

1.0 Born of No Man
2.0 Dragon Kin
Pendragon Rises
4.0 War Duke of Britain
5.0 High King of Britain
6.0 Battle of Mount Badon
7.0 Abduction of Guenivere
8.0 Downfall of Cornwall
9.0 Vengeance of Arthur
10.0 Grace of Lancelot
11.0 The Grail and Glory
12.0 Camlann

Readers have described Tracy Cooper-Posey as “a superb story teller” and her ancient historical romances as “written art”.  Get your copy of Dragon Kin today!

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Dragon Kin
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 14 reviews
by Vicki on Dragon Kin
Dragon Kin

Book will not disappoint! Great read. Strong characters, adventure, and love! I will continue to read this author!

by IngSav on Dragon Kin
What a delight!

What stands out for me about this story is the strong female lead and her determination to make the best of her lot. She’s in an unusual situation but as evidenced by her hardships thus far in life she knows how to adapt and make things better when and how she can.

Tracy Cooper-Posey’s writing is rich in interesting and relevant historical details with an amazing slice-of-life approach which means we feel a part of the story.

One of my favourite aspects of this novel is the changing interactions and developing relationship between the main characters. I enjoyed tagging along for their journey of self discovery and growing fondness for each other. Seemingly thrown together by chance I loved that the two leads both change and learn from each other.

I enjoyed learning more about previous characters in the series too and where their lives had led them with the passage of time.

A very satisfying place to leave these lovers but with so much more to look forward to in the overall story I’m eagerly anticipating the next book(s) in the series.

by Sarah on Dragon Kin

You will not regret reading this book. Once I got started, I couldn't put it down. I love the characters and the twists and turns in the story are great. I love that the women aren’t helpless, but are valued for their contributions during difficult years. The love story between a king and a woodcutter’s daughter is believable. I thought the characters were well developed and the story-line kept me interested!

by Martine on Dragon Kin

I always get excited when Tracy releases a new book! She is one of my favourite of my favourite all time authors. I loved the storyline and all the twists and turns. Couldn’t put it down. It was captivating and mesmerizing. You simply have to read this book. You will not be disappointed.

by Maja Hollebeek on Dragon Kin
great historical detail but disappointing characters

I am a paranormal lover so I was hesitant about this story from the beginning. I liked the historical details and a lot of research must have gone into this book. But I must confess I was a little disappointed in the characters and the love story. For me they just didn't come to life and as a consequence this story didn't grab me as other novels by this author did. I would have liked a bit more focus on the characters. This book felt to me more like a history book than a (romantic) novel.

by Heather Baxter on Dragon Kin
Dragon Kin

Having loved Arthur & the round table for as long as I can remember really swung this book for me, so I'm looking forward to the whole series.

King Arawn was a wee bit of a sad man even in them days believing in curses but he did. A lady was the only one who break it, who other Ilsa was out hunting for her family, to feed them in the hard times & guess who she came over.?

Wow this was some story, I just loved it & how everything came about, both the king & Ilsa went through a lot of trials & tribulations throughout their time together, but they came to understand each other.

Other kings from other kingdoms mainly saxon/Viking & roman seemed to treat their wives more like trophies, Awran seemed to be getting real feelings for Ilsa & she for him as their time was getting longer & they seemed to understand each other.

The giving of the new ring really brought it home to me how Arawn loved Ilsa, a ring within a ring was a lovely touch.

Loved this book it was a great read, all the historical work that must've gone into it, would've ben a lot of hard work. (I loved this kind of history!) Thank you.

by Beatriz on Dragon Kin
Historial as its finest

I first fell in love with the Arthurian cycle with Marion Zimmer Bradley when I was but a kid. Now, years later, I can appreciate the fine narrative that Tracy Cooper-Posey delivers. Bear in mind this is not the typical historical romance, it's even better. It's a slow burning story which started more than a decade ago in Born of No Man- such an interesting way to introduce Merlin, by the way. Dagon Kin is the story of the cursed King Arawn of Brocéliande and her Queen Ilse. Ilse is supposed to help Arawn broke his curse bearing his first child. At the end, this is a story of loyalty, personal growth and slow path to love. What I LOVE the most is the strong female characters and how they evolve through the book, along with the others. So, if you like the Arthurian myths and British medieval history don’t hesitate to pick up the series, we are bound to a long ride!

by Glenys on Dragon Kin

Loved it, left me hanging for more

by Karen on Dragon Kin
Dragon Kin

Excellent book. There is so much depth to the characters, and the historical aspects are amazing. I highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys historical novels. The book is complete within itself. But I can't wait to read more.

by Stephany Ezard on Dragon Kin
Dragon Kin

Tracy has not disappointed anyone who has or will read her new Historical Romance. The 2nd book takes more the time where magic and soothsaying was believed. We also learn that Merlin gift was becoming strong. If you enjoy reading about the medieval era.....about Sorcerers and magic that has found a way into those times; Tracy's new series Once and Future Hearts will be a series you will not want to miss.

The second book of this series Dragon Kin kept me so enthralled,I was sorry to see the end of the book. I cannot wait for the Third book and knowing Tracy's way of weaving a great story; I know it will not be boring.

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