MASK OF NOBILITY by Tracy Cooper-Posey

Scandalous Scions. Book 4.0

Victorian Era Historical Romance Novel

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Once again I fell under Tracy Cooper-Posey’s spell with this story.


Reading this book gave me another very late night since I couldn’t stop reading it. I really should know better than to start one of Tracy’s books at night.

Tracy Cooper-Posey continues to both amaze and please me with her historical romances. Her books have raised the bar for what I enjoy in this genre.

A story where love conquers through the highs and lows of one’s life and family is there to hold you up, is a story worth reading.

Tracy Cooper-Posey has a talent for making the characters so real, in a succinct way, that draws the reader’s empathy while moving the action and adventure along at an exciting pace.

I grew up just outside Northallerton so I could picture the black faced sheep and the dales where this beautiful love story began. Tracy has done her homework!

There were a lot of laughs and even some tears. It seems you experience every emotion in the pages of her books.

I love it when a romance is more than just a romance that’s why I adored reading the story of free spirited, unconventional Bronwen.

I loved the wit and humor throughout the book.

He’s royalty.  She’s a commoner.  Their association has no future.

Bronwen Davies is not only disinterested in marrying well, she has turned her back upon society, to live as freely as she can in the wilds of Northallerton, where she lives with her cousin Lilly and Lilly’s husband, Jasper.

Jasper’s half-brother, the Archeduke Edvard Christoffer of Silkeborg, arrives at Northallerton without warning, asking for temporary sanctuary from the pressures of his public life.  There, he finds Bronwen, a most distracting diversion.  Only, Bronwen’s unexpected opinions and forthright manner prove to be far more seductive than a simple distraction should be…

Mask of Nobility is the fourth book in the spin-off series following the historical romances of Scandalous Sirens.  Scandalous Scions brings together the members of three great families, to love and play under the gaze of the Victorian era’s moralistic, straight-laced society.

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Mask of Nobility
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 7 reviews
by Linda Ferpozzi on Mask of Nobility
Mask of Nobility

I love it when a romance is more than just a romance that's why I adored reading the story of free spirited, unconventional Bronwen who meets Archeduke Edvard Christoffer of Silkeborg (Tor) who is bound by restrictions and responsibilities. This pair definitely have chemistry and there is a certain charm to their encounters, Bronwen is direct and honest which Tor finds novel and refreshing. All in all this was a well-written and researched Victorian romance, the descriptions were just enough to picture everything from clothing, scenery & landscape and the dialogue and scenes flowed perfectly. This author is a great storyteller and I loved the wit and humor throughout the book, I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

by Ingrid Savell on Mask of Nobility
A delightful story of love winning against the odds.

I loved these characters and the repartee they exchanged as she challenged him and he adjusts to the escape he has allowed himself from his life as a European royal.

What a contrast for him: from the freedom to discover and enjoy countryside life with a lover with unbridled passion then back to the strict conventions of the Victorian era but with even more limitations
because he has the responsibilities of being European royalty.

I enjoyed the different perspectives of the characters: a free spirit vs someone ruled by Society's judgement but the best part about this contrast is that it was a twist on the normal male and female roles for
this era!

Mask of Nobility is another wonderful addition to the Scandalous Scions series. I am thoroughly enjoying the exciting story of each family member of this series and better yet is the way these stories unfold! Author Tracy Cooper-Posey has a talent for making the characters so real, in a succinct way, that draws the reader's empathy while moving the action and adventure along at an exciting pace.

by Anon on Mask of Nobility
Loving Mask of Nobility

Strong-willed, refusing to bend to conventions, and unwilling to even look at a man for husband material, Bronwen is a character after my own heart. She lives life her way and even her mother, Princess Anne, cannot contain her penchant for doing things in the most unconventional ways. She hides herself away with her cousin Lilly and her husband, Jasper, in the country, reading her books and walking the fields and forests learning the folklore of medicinal plants from a local woman.

It is on one of these walks that they first encounter Jasper’s half-brother, Edvard. To her dismay, she finds herself interested in him and he seems to find her ability to provide intelligent discourse on multiple subjects fascinating. He thinks she is a commoner with no way for him to convince his council to allow him to marry her once their feelings establish themselves and she knows he is the Archduke of Silkeborg, far above her station.

Can they find a way to be together and is she willing to change her ways to fit into his society? More importantly, will he let her?

A wonderful story of strength, courage, and the ability to realize that love is worth everything if one will only try. I loved these characters and especially enjoyed revisiting some of the previous characters in this series and how the support Bronwen and Edvard in the Great Family tradition.

by Jill Gray on Mask of Nobility
Love the Great Family

I love this series that revolves around the Great Family and this book is a great addition to this continuing sags. Bronwen has never conformed to the rigid expectations of the ton until she meets Tor and that is exactly what she has to do in order to be in his world. This is a great read and I would highly recommend it and any of the other books in this series.

by Debbiann on Mask of Nobility
Mask of Nobility

Another unconventional member of the family. This latest installment in the family saga had me just as hooked as a those that came before. How will Bronwen's story resolve itself with so many misunderstandings? I won't give away the story, but I promise you it's a great experience.

by Kathi Soniat on Mask of Nobility
Truly well-crafted and entertaining read!!

In a family which breaks many social norms; Bronwen has chosen to live in the countryside and live freely, sporting bare feet and a casual air. When the Archduke Edvard Christoffer of Silkborg is taking a break from his duties (and the young ladies hoping to be his wife) he goes to where he knows the rules are not so strict. Bronwen is a beautiful puzzle, and quite clever. “Tor”, as Edvard is going by to remain unknown, must fend for himself with no servants, and hike about the property.

A delightful relationship builds between Tor and Bronwen. She challenges him and teaches him her country ways. When duty calls, Tor says goodbye to Bronwen, as he would not ask her to give up her freedom. But as Bronwen misses Tor greatly – perhaps she can make the choice to rejoin society to become an appropriate match for him in his world.

Humorous and sexy – the extended family and their refusal to bow to societal norms creates a delightful glimpse into their version of the Victorian era.

by Katherine on Mask of Nobility
More of the Great Families please

Bronwen and Tor both understand societal expectations in the extreme. Yet both are ahead of their time in the way they think and struggle with what's expected of them.
Of course this brings tension within and between themselves. This book looks at how they find a way to work around that. A great book with fantastic people.