KISS ACROSS WORLDS by Tracy Cooper-Posey

Kiss Across Time series. Book 7.0 

Vampire Menage Urban Fantasy Time Travel Romance Novel

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He must find a way to be evil.

To save Veris’ and Brody’s son Aran from sex traffickers, Neven Zoric must step into the life of his alter ego in this timeline. Kristijan Zoric is a hardened crime boss Neven doesn’t understand. Worse, Neven must fool Kristjan’s lethal, ruthless lieutenant, Remi De Sauveterre, a vampire who survived the French Revolution and now gives no quarter.

Then Kristjan’s estranged, bitter wife arrives in Serbia. London McCallum wants nothing but her freedom from the vile tyrant that rules her life—only he’s not as hateful as she remembers…

Reader Advisory: This time travel novel features two super-hot alpha vampire heroes, and explicit sex scenes. Do not read this book if frank sexual language offends you. The time-space continuum was restored to order at the end of this book. Promise.

This book is part of the paranormal time travel Kiss Across Time series:
1.0: Kiss Across Time
2.0: Kiss Across Swords
2.1: Time Kissed Moments*
3.0: Kiss Across Chains
3.5: Kiss Across Time Box One
4.0: Kiss Across Deserts
5.0: Kiss Across Kingdoms
5.1: Time And Tyra Again*
6.0: Kiss Across Seas
6.5: Kiss Across Time Box Two
7.0: Kiss Across Worlds
7.1: Time And Remembrance*
8.0: Kiss Across Tomorrow
8.1: More Time Kissed Moments*
9.0: Kiss Across Blades
10.0: Kiss Across Chaos
11.0: Kiss Across the Universe
11.1 Kiss Across Time Notebook
11.2: Even More Time Kissed Moments*
12.0: Kiss Across Forever
[*Time Kissed Moments are short stories, novellas and collections featuring the characters and situations featured in the Kiss Across Time series.]
The series has ongoing storylines and characters.  Reading the books in order is recommended.

This series is also available as a Special Bundle

{Also see: Urban Fantasy, Menage Romance, Paranormal Romance, Time Travel, Novels, Novellas.}

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 2 reviews
 by Emmai Godek
Kiss Across Blades

I am addicted (in a good way) to the series of books for Kiss Across Time. In my opinion, the author Tracy Cooper-Posey never disappoints! In her ninth book for the series her characters engage us, their romance enchants and the time travel enhances. Tracy even introduces sci-fi principles with subtlety. The back story for Remi rounds his character and his romance with London and Neven deepens. As they navigate the landscape together, their most intimate desires are fulfilled. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

 by IngSav
Oh, YESSSS! I Loved it! A thrilling and exciting romantic time travel adventure.

New concepts in time travel, a dramatic story and plenty of nail-biting action all add up to a novel (Kindle) I couldn't put down! There's an exciting amount of breath-stealing anticipation and tense action throughout the book.

This story also had a very satisfying romantic thread amongst the thrilling action and suspense. I loved watching another unique trio form while in high pressure situations. Scintillating hints of feelings and subtle shows of emotion built depth to the characters and their journey towards loving each other. I was kept involved and entranced by the fantastic evolution and development of all the characters, as well as the interaction between them. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and the new characters that joined our favourites from the previous novels.

The methods and technicalities of time travel methods are evolving and expanding in fascinating ways. With the introduction of new methods of time travel the possibilities for its applications and therefore complications have become infinite. Time has become a malleable and subjective element in the lives of our characters.

I love Tracy Cooper-Posey's style of writing: a beautifully delivered story and engaging characters who keep you involved and dying to know what will happen next!! I highly recommend this book and loved where it took up from the previous books in the series. This is definitely a book you need to read as part of the series and in the correct order.

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London couldn’t help but worry about the group home as she walked.  They were always running so close to the line, despite being a high-end home in a select suburb that could charge exclusive pricing for their services.

If her flight had not been booked months ago, she would have tried to find a way to help out tomorrow, even if it had been a day off.  She didn’t have many full days off, but the home insisted that she have some.

The trip to Serbia, though, was non-negotiable.  Kristijen would make sure she got on that plane, as he usually did, by sending Remi to escort her to Božidarko.

She glanced at her watch.  Remi may already be at the flat, sitting in the back of the private taxi, waiting with simmering impatience for her to be ready to leave.  He never stepped into the flat.  He just waited out the front, scaring her neighbours with his scowl and his sarcasm, if he spoke at all.

With a sigh, London dug through her handbag and withdrew the little box she kept the hated ring in.  She put the plain gold band on her left hand, so that Remi would see it there.  He noticed everything and reported back to Kristijen.  London had learned in one painful lesson that Kristijen did not appreciate her taking the ring off.

She was no longer in the mood to linger and appreciate the trees and the crisp city air and the smell of damp earth.  She quickened her pace, heading directly for the flat.

As she turned on Astell Street, she saw the dark grey Mercedes-Benz sitting at the curb, the air in front of the exhaust pipe shimmering, telling her the car was idling.  There was no large, dark shape in the back seat, waiting for her.

She hurried forward and bent to tap on the driver’s window.  He lowered it and smiled at her.  “Miss McCallum.”

“Barney, where is Denis Sauvet?” she asked, using Remi’s public name. “Did he go inside?”

Barney looked troubled.  “’e didn’t show up at the airport, miss.  So I came ‘ere, as you’ve got a plane to catch.”

London glanced at her watch again.  They would have to battle evening traffic to get to Heathrow.  She couldn’t linger any more than she had already.  “I’ll get my suitcase and be down directly,” she told him.

“No worries.  I can get that for yer.”  He turned off the motor and got out.

“No, really, I can see to it,” she assured him.

“A pretty thing like you, ‘auling suitcases about?  What sort of driver would I be?” he asked, moving around the bonnet and stepping onto the footpath.

“It’s on the top floor,” she told him flatly.

He looked up at the sixth floor.  “Oh.”  He shrugged.  “Well, it’s all good for the waist, isn’t it?  Come on, then.”

“Barney, you’ve never carried my luggage before,” she pointed out as she opened the front door of the building.

“Never been ‘ere without the big one,” he said with a shrug.

They climbed up to her level and London unlocked the front door and pointed to the small bench just inside.  “Please wait.  I won’t be a moment.  I just have to gather some last minute things.  You know.”  She gave him a small smile.

“Right you are, then.” He settled on the bench and looked around the flat curiously.  Because it was on the top floor, it was airy and bright, for most of the front wall of the flat was made of glass, which bent to follow the line of the roof for another dozen feet.  It was like living in a conservatory, and just as pleasant.  She always missed her flat when she was forced to leave, like now.

London hurried through to her bedroom.  The suitcase was lying open on her bed, where she had left it this morning.  She gathered her toiletries and other final items and was zipping up the suitcase when the thought stuck her, making her pause with the zip half-undone.

Remi had not come from Serbia to collect her. He wasn’t here to make sure she got on the plane, as he usually was.  Why should she go at all?  She could pay Barney and tell him to go on his way.  There was nothing Kristijen could do about it, sitting in Božidarko.

Except that he would do something about it.  He had been very clear about the terms and conditions under which he would allow her to return to England.  These bi-monthly trips to Serbia were one of those conditions.  If there was one thing she had learned about Kristijen in the six years they had been married, it was that he kept his word.  On everything.

She sighed and closed her suitcase and locked it, then picked up the cabin bag and wheeled the case out to the front where Barney was waiting.

He got to his feet.  “Beats me how a lady like yourself can fly off to another country and live out of a tiny little case like that.  Not that it’s any of my business, of course.”

“Božidarko is not excactly the centre of fashion,” London told him.  “And I’m not there for a holiday.”  It came out stiffer than she intended.  It wasn’t Barney’s fault she was facing another horrible two weeks in Serbia.

Barney’s expression altered and became polite and neutral.  He took the handle of her case.  “All set?”

“I suppose, yes, thank you.”

He took the case downstairs, while London finished locking up and walked down to the car.  She settled in the back seat as normal and Barney got the car moving with the soft pur of a well-turned engine.

The journey to Heathrow took nearly an hour at this time of the day.  Normally, with Remi sitting next to her, the journey was a tense one.  London had assumed that without him there, she would be able to relax, but it wasn’t so.

The closer they got to Heathrow, the more her heart worked.  There was simply no way out of this.  Even with Remi mysteriously missing, she was as locked into the arrangement as she had ever been.

She realized she was working her fingers together nervously and tried to stop.  Perhaps she should read, now that Barney was silent, subdued by her caustic response in the flat.  Her book about Egypt was in her cabin bag, right next to her.  Yet she had no interest in reading right now.  She didn’t think she could summon enough concentration necessary to make sense of the dry prose.

With no one to talk to and nothing to distract her, she found herself on familiar mental territory.  Why, oh why, was she doing what Kristijen demanded of her?  How had she got into this hateful situation?  Would she ever be free of him?  She couldn’t live any sort of a decent life while he was standing over her the way he did.  All the way from Serbia, he was still dictacting and directing her days.

And yet…and yet, the question gnawed at her.  Had something happened?  Why was Remi not here to take her back to Serbia?  What had gone wrong?

As much as she hated Kristijen and the freak monster who was part of his life, she couldn’t help worrying.  She had to go there now just to find out what had happened.

Besides, Kristijen would make her life far, far more miserable, if she stayed.

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