KISS ACROSS CHAOS by Tracy Cooper-Posey

Kiss Across Time series. Book 10.0 

Vampire Menage Urban Fantasy Time Travel Romance Novel

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She is an honorary daughter, he is an absent son…

Jesse Hall, unsung hero of the war against terror, is entwined in Veris’, Brody’s and Taylor’s extended, informal family, but has never understood why. She isn’t a vampire and can’t time travel. Yet they seem to like her—everyone except Aran, who is never there.

Aran is busy with his burgeoning career in Washington and building a life away from the confines of the family.  As a time jumper, he will never be “normal”, but he lives his life as humanly as possible while milking time for everything he can.

Both are content.  Sort of.  Yet time travel defines their lives and when Jesse’s latest house-sitting assignment sends her to Arlington, time itself ensares them in dangerous complications and they must work together to unsnarl themselves…

This book is part of the paranormal time travel Kiss Across Time series:
1.0: Kiss Across Time
2.0: Kiss Across Swords
2.1: Time Kissed Moments*
3.0: Kiss Across Chains
3.5: Kiss Across Time Box One
4.0: Kiss Across Deserts
5.0: Kiss Across Kingdoms
5.1: Time And Tyra Again*
6.0: Kiss Across Seas
6.5: Kiss Across Time Box Two
7.0: Kiss Across Worlds
7.1: Time And Remembrance*
8.0: Kiss Across Tomorrow
8.1: More Time Kissed Moments*
9.0: Kiss Across Blades
10.0: Kiss Across Chaos
11.0: Kiss Across the Universe
11.1 Kiss Across Time Notebook
11.2: Even More Time Kissed Moments*
12.0: Kiss Across Forever
[*Time Kissed Moments are short stories, novellas and collections featuring the characters and situations featured in the Kiss Across Time series.]
The series has ongoing storylines and characters.  Reading the books in order is recommended.

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Kiss Across Chaos
Average rating:  
 6 reviews
 by Stephany
Kiss Across Chaos

The long awaited book in The Kiss Across Time Series. As usual Tracy does not disappoint; the story continues with Jess and Aran and brings in the rest of the family. This series continues to bring the excitement and twist and turns in this book as like the rest of the series keeps you enthralled and waiting in anticipation for the next story to come.

 by Shannon
Great story

Great story with complex, well written characters. The story flows nicely and is set in a rich detailed world.

 by Kathi Soniat
Love this Time Travel Series – Makes you Think!!!!

Jesse is a writer, and moves from house-sitting job to house-sitting job, never putting down roots. Aran has a career in Washington and is one of the time jumpers. He saved Jesse’s life earlier. When they end up in the same coffee shop, we realize there is more between these two.

An intricate journey of time-lines, time travel and being a part of the vampire / time jumper family. A betrayal and a new novel bring things to a head and suddenly time is off it’s tracks. I believe this would stand on its own – but you should really read every word of this series.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story; wonderful characters, though provoking time possibilities, and romance which will melt your heart.

 by IngSav
Oh, wow, I loved this book, what a wonderful series!

I was very excited to get into the story of these characters! Through the earlier books in the series we've known Aran since he was a baby. Seeing him through the eyes of a woman who is surprised by her attraction to him is refreshing and rather tantalising!

The characters enthralled me with a slow burn relationship, simmering emotions and fiery chemistry. There's a lot of romance to this 10th book in the series but it still adds insights and advancement to the overall story of this delightful group of big personalities: time-travellers, vampires, their human companions and children. The characters stay with me long after I've finished the novel, remembering their story and wondering what's in the future for them.

There's an interesting thread of self discovery and personal development after military service for one of the leads. This is shared as situations and crises challenge the new lifestyle that is needed to adapt into civilian life.

More complications and insights into the intricacies of time travel are revealed as we learn through the eyes of someone who is not a vampire or time traveller. There's plenty of action and tension as time travel creates tricky situations that challenge and provoke the characters.

Teasing glimpses of other characters, who have yet to have their story told, make me impatient for the next's going to be SO GOOD!

I love Tracy Cooper-Posey's style of writing: a beautifully delivered story and engaging characters who keep you involved and dying to know what will happen next!! I highly recommend this series and especially advocate reading all the books in order. Rich and critical information is shared in the novella and 'moments' novels between the main books so don't miss out on those either.

 by Beatriz
Kiss Across Time 10!

Wow! Just book number 10! Kiss Across Chaos is the tenth installment in the Kiss Across Time series, but, really, it feels so fresh that it didn't seem like dragging out like other really long series, this book just adds a new perspective. This is the story of Jesse and Aran. They are very different characters from the other ones, and the plot really adds some good questions about the way they use time and time travel, you can even extrapolate it to current events as is it fair to use a privilege to your own gain? I reeeeally loved to hear from Nayara and company, they just feel like old friends stopping by ;). All in all, if you read the previous ones, just go for it, you won't be disappointed, and if you don't, but are you waiting for?

 by Kat Z
Just So Good

How wonderful to open this book and find yourself among characters you know so well. Then immediately start smiling because you feel like you are among friends. This is Jesse and Arian’s story and what a good story it is. This is the tenth book in a series, but each story just gets better and better as every story has characters from each book so far in this series, and each book builds on the last. It is hard to have any favorite characters because there are so many, but my favorite in this series will always be Veris.

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Jesse only realized she had lifted her head up from the tablet and was staring at nothing, thinking, when her gaze was caught by movement. There was movement everywhere in the café, but the silhouette that snagged her attention and yanked her out of the story was tall. Wide shoulders. Strong. She tended to key in on physical strength. She’d spent years professionally interested in strength and stamina, and sizing up the most dangerous person in the room was still automatic.

She refocused. The man—it was usually a man she mapped in her mind as the one to watch, although not always—the man was talking to his friend.

The man was a clichéd Capitol rat. Traditional overcoat, silk scarf and leather gloves. The suit beneath would be conservative. White shirt. Blue tie, or maybe a daring red. Nothing with thin stripes that might strobe on-camera.

The man he was talking to was far more casually dressed, with a pea coat and green tartan scarf, shaggy black hair and glasses. He had sharp, intelligent eyes and nodded as the first spoke, then smiled, showing even white teeth.

They were a long way from home, she thought. Interesting. What’s their story? There was always a story. What if they had a secret meeting out here in the sticks, where no one would notice?

Spies? Co-conspirators, planning to take down the government. Or protect it, and no one believed them…

Jesse spun four or five different storyline possibilities and was about to reach for her tablet and takes notes, when the first man, the one in the suit, turned to the counter to place their order.

He was simply gorgeous.

Jesse drew in a startled breath, taking in the black hair and strong jaw. Pale, clear cheeks and an agreeable amount of stubble on his chin that was daring, for Washington. He couldn’t be a politician, then. Politicians were always clean cut and non-offensive to the broadest common denominators. Lobbyist, probably… That would make more sense, story-wise. He’d be in a position to hear things, which would make him dangerous to the wrong people.

She waited for him to turn properly, so she could get a full snapshot of his face, before she wrote anything down.

He was perfect hero material. A hero of that caliber would have a love interest off to the side. She could kill the love interest off, make him really suffer before he took out the arch enemy. Maybe the guy next to him could be the arch enemy in disguise…that would be a fantastic twist!

She reached blindly for the tablet, her brain moving faster and faster, while she mentally begged the guy to turn. She wanted to fix his full features in her mind, so she could recall them at will, later.

His friend rested his hand on the suit’s shoulder. It looked friendly, but from this angle, Jesse could see the man’s fingertips rest against the other’s neck. A soft stroke. No one else would be able to see it. She was the only person at just the right angle.

Jesse caught her breath, as story possibilities exploded. Lovers! How…delicious! How much worse would the man suffer when his lover turned out to be the bad guy?

The man paid for the coffee and croissants, each of them picked up a cup—the one the casual man picked up was paper, and his croissant was in a bag. They turned to look for a table and finally, Jesse got a full view of the first man’s face.

It was Aran.

While her breath evaporated and every fabulous story idea she’d built up blew away like dust in a breeze, Aran stared at her. She was already studying him. No chance to look away and pretend she hadn’t seen him. She couldn’t hide.

Her heart slammed. What to do?

Then Aran’s mouth quirked—a smile formed at one corner. He murmured to the guy with him, the casual one with the tartan scarf.

His lover, came the whisper in her mind.

And now it wasn’t just panic in her gut, but a hot slew of confused feelings around a core of molten, inconvenient and highly, wildly inappropriate lust. Her brain involuntarily formed graphic images of two faceless men together, limbs entwined, bodies slick with passion, while her conscience chattered inanely at her. Aran was family, he was a friend, he was so much younger than her! Stop thinking that way, Jesse—it’s sick.

And he was coming toward her.

Her breath shortened. Again.

This was the moment she had hoped to avoid. It was the moment that had scared the crap out of her at Thanksgiving. Brody had inserted the possibility into her mind and it had terrified her so much she had blanked it out for the last few weeks. She had avoided D.C. like the plague, and buried herself in the novel, instead.

Oh, grow a pair, Hall! she railed at herself. It’s just Aran. She made herself get to her feet.

And she was glad to see him, underneath all the baffling hysteria running through her mind. Even though Aran wouldn’t remember it, he had saved her life four years ago.

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