Harley Firebird 6.0

Urban Fantasy Novelette

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Is the firebird’s past catching up with her?

The brakes on Harley’s official police vehicle fail, sending her and Bohdan Trask into an icy river.  Only Harley’s special talents save them.

Harley can’t dismiss the incident as a mishap, for the coincidences swiftly pile up after that, including her catching a frightening glimpse of someone from her dark past.  But is it merely her stressed out imagination, or is the threat real?

The Firebird’s Regret is part of the Harley Firebird urban fantasy series of novelettes, which is set in the same world as Taylen Carver’s Magorian & Jones series.

The Harley Firebird series:
1.0: The Dragon of Falconer
2.0: The Orc Who Cried
3.0: The Shepherd of Fire
4.0: The Mad Folk of Falconer
5.0: The Badge of Our Tribe
5.5: Harley Firebird Files
6.0: The Firebird’s Regret
7.0: The Angel Who Wasn’t
8.0: The Shield of Falconer

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The Firebirds Regret
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 2 reviews
 by Marjorie
Past spectres and new strengths

Harley's past collides with her present in a truly spectacular and high stakes way. Wow! I did not see that coming, but it explains so much. This is a tightly written short form tale, so I don't really want to say anything for fear of spoiler, just is is one crazy ride. As with previous books, Carver has packed a lot of story and emotional depth into this small package. There are not wasted words or lengthy expositions. At the same time it does not feel rushed, just intense. It is a fast read you will not want to put down.

This is the 6th book in the series, but like the previous ones, there is an intro to help you get your bearings and the story does hold up well on its own. You will want to read the others though if you haven't as they all work together brilliantly to build a mosaic of what was an ordinary small town in the Canadian Rockies now dealing with the effects of of the Tutu virus. It is an excellent foil to the more epic adventures found in the companion series Magorian and Jones which takes place in the same universe.

 by Dina Bushrod
Remember, fire can keep you warm and just as kill you

In Book #7, of the Harley Firebird Series, we learn more about sheriff Harley's past life and why she chose to live in Falconer. When she sees someone from that part of her life, especially after a near-death experience, she is visibly shaken and suspicious. I highly recommend that you pick up this book and just like the rest of the series, you will find it packed with action, suspense, and discoveries that will have you impatiently waiting for the next book.

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“You figure Ms. Falconer will become a fae like she wants?” Bohdan asked, as he pulled the big black four wheel Jeep drive onto the main route into Falconer. The Jeep was Akicita Frazier’s other car, which she had given the police station to use as their official police vehicle.

“If there is an intelligence running the universe, I hope it’s wise enough to meet Moira Falconer’s expectations,” Harley said.

“Didn’t think you believed in a higher power, boss,” Bohdan said with a grin. He accelerated smoothly, for the roads had been clear of snow and ice for a couple of weeks.

“I don’t,” Harley said. “Which is why I shudder to think what will happen if Moira Falconer doesn’t become a fae. I can’t imagine what she might do if she becomes an orc.”

Bohdan laughed. “Sue someone, maybe? Not sure who, but…” He frowned, staring down at the dash. “Shit.”

“What?” Harley demanded, alarm crashing through her.

“No brakes,” he said shortly and grabbed at the hand brake. It rose without resistance, a useless lever. “Fuck,” he added. “Hang on.”

Harley thought of reaching for the seat belt, but clutched the dashboard with one hand, instead. The belt wouldn’t reach over her wings and around her middle. All seat belts were designed for human use.

She gripped the padded handle on the passenger door with her other hand. “Drop it to first gear!”

“It’s an automatic!” he cried.

She let go of the dashboard, grabbed the t-shaped gear stick, depressed the button on the side and rammed it through the gears to the “1” at the bottom of the range.

The engine snarled angrily in response and the car perceptively slowed, but not enough. They had been rounding the last big curve outside of town, that brought the road up to the bridge across the river, which was currently swollen with snow melt. Bohdan had been sitting at the speed limit.

“Not going to make it,” he muttered, his jaw flexing, his eyes on the road.

“Drop us into the river,” Harley shot back. “It’s softer.”

“It’ll be freezing.”

“I’ll warm you,” Harley told him.

He glanced at her, startled, then jerked his gaze back to the road. The wheels were skidding and jittering, unable to take the curve. “Hold on,” he muttered, as the tires hit the edge of the road. He deliberately straightened the steering wheel, aiming directly for the river.

The solid end post that anchored the guard rails of the bridge flashed past the driver’s side fender, and they bounced and rattled across the rocky terrain between the road and the river.

The vehicle shot out over the edge of the river bank and for a second or two hung in mid-air. Then the nose dropped, and the car curved toward the swirling grey green water and rocks below.

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