THE VISTARIA AFFAIR by Tracy Cooper-Posey

Vistaria Has Fallen. Book 6.5

Military Romantic Suspense Series Boxed Set

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Heart pounding. High tension. Adrenaline rushing.


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I felt like I was running right beside them, out of breath, waiting for time to run out.

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Loved, loved, loved this book and the entire series.

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Once again Tracy Cooper Posey proves that she is a master of all genres – thrillers, revolution, war, politics, romance. Bravo!!!

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The action and suspense was super high and almost non-stop. This series would make fantastic movies!

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I loved to read about past characters fiercely defending what’s theirs still. I don’t know how to put the end without spoilers so I won’t. I just have a warm feeling inside.

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I highly recommend this book to those who love realistic storytelling filled with thrills, suspense, action, danger and of course love. War doesn’t end love, it intensifies it.

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Wow! This entire series has been a wild ride.

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It is action-packed, passion-filled story.

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There is heroism, romance, action, and suspense – all brilliantly laid out by Cooper-Posey, piece by piece. The plot twists are fantastic!

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I would highly recommend this book (and the entire series, as a matter of fact), to anyone who wants to enjoy an adventure in a world far removed from our own – where honor still exists, broken people still find love, and good rises above evil.

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Romance and suspense all in one series. Best books I have read in years.

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The entire six book military thriller romance series in one boxed set.

Military-style romantic suspense with a twist; The Latin American island nation of Vistaria and its people suffer through a revolution and its ugly aftermath, while the nation’s heroes work to save those they love from the chaos.

1.0: Vistaria Has Fallen
2.0: Prisoner of War
3.0: Hostage Crisis
4.0: Freedom Fighters
5.0: Casualties of War
6.0: V-Day

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The Vistaria Affair Series Boxed Set
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 11 reviews
by Kat Z on The Vistaria Affair Series Boxed Set
A Great Boxed Set

I had originally read each of these six books separately when each of them were published. But there is something so much better about reading each of these one after the other. The overall story was all the better for me after reading them over again. It was so nice to re-meet Nick and Calli, Duardo and Minnie, Daniel and Olivia, Garrett and Carmen, Adán and Parris, Cristián and Chloe, and even Rubén and Téra again. These books are full of revolution, murder, fighting, spies, heartbreak, and even frightening terrorist acts, and yet through it all there is a ribbon of love and family. A wonderfully imagined island nation and it's stories of all the people who struggle to save it from the nasty Insurrectos. I highly recommend you find a nice little corner and settle in for a wonderful read.

by Deborah Gardiner on The Vistaria Affair Series Boxed Set
The Vistaria Affair - Series Boxed Set

Awesome boxed set! I had read all of these books individually in the original format. Each was a wonderfully enjoyable read. What I realized as I read each through again in this boxed set, is how much I had missed reading them separated by long periods of time. If you have read them before, It’s time to read them again. If this is your first foray into Vistaria, buckle up, it’s a great ride.

I read an advance review copy of this set.

by Stephany on The Vistaria Affair Series Boxed Set
The Vistaria Affair (Boxed Set)

If you have not already read the individual books of this series or even if you have; the boxset is a must have. There is suspense, romance and political intrigue. This is a series will you not want to put down till the end.

by Brittany on The Vistaria Affair Series Boxed Set
This series has it all!

The world-building in this series is phenomenal. Vistaria has many similarities to other South American countries, but with local lore and festivals and customs and dress just different enough to make the island unique.

What you can expect from this series: non-stop, heart-pulsing action, political intrigue, espionage, unexpected twists and turns, take-charge men that will stop at nothing to protect their loved ones and restore Vistaria to its former honorable glory and their fierce, strong women who find they are capable of so much more than even they realize when it comes to helping their men. There are characters you can’t help but love and characters you love to hate. And, of course, Ms. Cooper-Posey’s unique brand of heart-wrenchingly beautiful soul-deep emotional connections.

This series is un-put-downable and will have you alternately cheering, crying and fist-pumping

by Ellen on The Vistaria Affair Series Boxed Set
The Vistaria Affair

Tracy Cooper-Posey has definately done it again. The Vistaria Affair book set was a wonderful way to read these stories. I have never liked reading a book and then waiting for the sequel. With this set I was able to read it all.

There is love, hate, war friends, family, enemies, spies, and more involved in the making of this awesome series.

I love how having Callie come to help out her uncle with his daughter would lead to several books with a wonderful story woven within. This was worth the time it took to read. I highly recommend this set to everyone.

by Audrey Cienki on The Vistaria Affair Series Boxed Set
The Vistaria Affair

I should have known better than to start one of Tracy’s stories (let alone this collection) before bedtime, but who needs sleep anyway? I could not put it down. This series would make a great movie. With non-stop action and engaging conversations, these stories flow effortlessly from scene to scene. Only Tracy could stage a rescue during a Cat-4 hurricane. Tracy Cooper-Posey delivers it all in this series.

When reading, I always try to guess how a story will turn out but I was very surprised by the twists, turns and subsequent resolutions in this great story line. And so realistic. Tracy tells an exciting story without sacrificing any of the basic human interactions.

And finally! I just loved all of the characters in this story. And the way it all pulled together, I felt like this series was a gift in a nicely wrapped package with a bow on top. If you like action and adventure with a bit of romance, this book is for you. That being said, thank you Tracy for this wonderful series.

by Kaylene McCormack on The Vistaria Affair Series Boxed Set
Heart Stirring Adventure!

What an absolute treasure trove of excitement, romance, nerve wracking battles and all kinds of events that will keep you entranced. The characters are natural, a little flawed and so very heartwarming. Except for the bad guys. They’re nasty! There was a deep, deep pleasure in being able to binge read the entire series straight through. Who needs to eat, drink or sleep anyway!

by Marti on The Vistaria Affair Series Boxed Set
Terrific Series!

Warning: You are about to find yourself delightedly, completely immersed in this family and their cause. Meanwhile, no matter what else happens in this book, know that it is a straight up, beautiful love story. Enjoy!

by miki on The Vistaria Affair Series Boxed Set
fantastic set of books full of suspense

i love this series full of action, tension, suspense and romance.It's easy to read the books as stand alone but the red line " Vistaria survival" that run across all the series is much better when red in order as we get news about differents characters and how they acts on their sides and the effects it can have on other characters and on the country.

Having all the series in one box set is simply fabulous to avoid missing anything as it's quite a captivating series that would make a great action film

by Carol Gielen on The Vistaria Affair Series Boxed Set
The Vistaria Affair

This story has a little bit of everything which makes it exciting read. and great story line it also has action packed with suspense, and mystery. I would recommend this book also another great read, good job Tracy.

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