BORN OF NO MAN by Tracy Cooper-Posey

Once and Future Hearts. Book 1.0

Historical Fantasy Romance/Ancient Historical Romance Novel

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Tracy Cooper Posey is brilliant at weaving stories with individuals that are completely believable in their thoughts and dialogue.

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I also love the fact that her female characters are definitely not boring, whiny or TSTL.

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Ms Tracy has an amazing way of telling a tale. It’s magical 🙂

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How good is the author that she can surprise readers even though the Arthurian cycle is one of the most rewritten ones in western literature.

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Can love triumph despite duty?

Lynette, companion to Princess Vivian, has learned to trust the princess’ visions and so, guards the dark and powerful secret of the man in the cave.

Cadfael the Black, battle commander to High King Vortigern, lives only to kill Saxons, to avenge the brutal murder of his family at their hands. At the court of King Gwilym, the very heart of Roman Britain, he meets the beautiful Lynette, a woman who could thaw his frozen heart.

When duty thrusts them together, Lynette’s secret clashes with Cadfael’s suspicious nature and threatens to tear them and the entire kingdom asunder. But, Lynette must keep her secret at all costs to protect Princess Vivian’s unborn child. A child who would become known as…


This novel is part of the ancient historical romance series, Once and Future Hearts, set in Britain during the time of King Arthur.

1.0 Born of No Man
2.0 Dragon Kin
Pendragon Rises
4.0 War Duke of Britain
5.0 High King of Britain
6.0 Battle of Mount Badon
7.0 Abduction of Guenivere
8.0 Downfall of Cornwall
9.0 Vengeance of Arthur
10.0 Grace of Lancelot
11.0 The Grail and Glory
12.0 Camlann

Readers have described Tracy Cooper-Posey as “a superb story teller” and her ancient historical romances as “written art”.  Get your copy of Born of No Man today!

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Born of No Man
Average rating:  
 13 reviews
by Mark on Born of No Man
Born of no man

Read from start to Finnish! Gripping reading, Excellent reading. Compliments to Author on a Story well written.

by Wolfman390 on Born of No Man
Awesome Story

I have just finished reading this book in a few days and it is an Awesome story with adventure, intrigue, action, love, suspense, friendship and loyalty like no other that I have read! It is a very good book and I highly recommend it for readers who love good stories!

by Janice on Born of No Man
Born of no Man

If you happen to see the name of Tracy Cooper-Posey, no matter what genre, Grab it and read it! You will not be disappointed. Any book of hers and you can’t wait for more !

by Cheri on Born of No Man
Born of no man

I never want it to end can't wait to read some more.

by Carol on Born of No Man
Born of no man

This story is so well written that I could actually see what was happening in my imagination. It's absolutely brilliant. If you love anything Arthurian or even a love story this book is great.

by Jo Ann on Born of No Man
Born of no Man

Love this story.

by Veronica on Born of No Man
Tracy Cooper Posey weaves a magic web

Tracy Cooper Posey weaves a magic web once more. With Born of No Man we start on a journey along the road to the myths and legends of Arthurian Britain. Beautifully written and pacy, there is never a dull moment as we learn more of the principle characters and the attitudes of the time. Be prepared to read in one sitting as the book is unputdownable!

by Helen on Born of No Man
Born of no man

I really enjoyed this book. The story was believable and seemed true to this time period.

by IngSav on Born of No Man
Fantastic start to a new series: I’m completely hooked!

What an exciting start to this historical series with interesting characters and situations that are authentic to the challenges for men and women of these times!!

I loved the setting of this story and the succinct writing style which carried me through what I had thought would be a weighty novel. I have no particular interest in the historical characters of myth and legend who are woven into this story but I loved that the story was told from personal viewpoints and kept interesting by its fast-moving action and intrigue.

Tracy Cooper-Posey tells a rich and complex story with hints of political intrigue and interesting characters who are very much a product of their time. What I really appreciate about Cooper-Posey’s writing is that while the story and characters are complex I never got bored by expansive historical facts and background, it was all relevant, brief and interesting.

I had meant to just read the first chapter but hours later, in the early hours of the morning no less, I found that I had demolished the whole book!!

I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the series and I now know not to start one of these books too late at night!!

by Meredith on Born of No Man
Where it all begins

The legend of King Arthur has been portrayed in many forms, television, movies, books?  But where did it all begin?  Set in the time when the Romans have left Britain and the Saxons are roaming the land burning snd and pillaging as they go. Where trusting the wrong person could have dire consequences, for our herione the Lady Lynette this is all to real. Trusted and favoured companion to the Princess Vivian, Lynette has to trust that Vivian's gift of the 'sight' is not going to get them killed. Cadfael High King Vortigerns Battle Commander is in a predicament, hes spent his life killing Saxons in retribution for the slaughter of his family. Not all is as it seems though, Cadfael has been deceived by someone he trusts  He is suspicious of Lynette and Vivian, knows they have a secret but finding out what that secret is proves difficult especially when the beautiful Lynette distracts him. Who is the man in the cave? What part does he play in in their lives? What is the other secret that Vivian and Lynette will protect with their lives? This is a fantastic start to the new series. I cannot wait until the next one is released

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