PROMISSORY NOTE by Tracy Cooper-Posey

The Endurance. Book 3.0 

Science Fiction Romance Novel

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I really loved this book with its different kind of hero and heroine and can not wait until the next book to continue the journey of the Endurance and the people aboard the ship.


Who would have thought that a romance could be based around market economics, and yet Tracy did it.


Good science fiction ties a very human story to science and technology. Great science fiction uses the science and technology as a backdrop to support the very human story. Promissory Note is great science fiction.


A beautiful Space Romance!!


These characters were delightful in their slowly revealed layers of complexity.


There are a great many layers to this book and I think it’s my favourite so far. Please read it, you won’t be disappointed.


The science and the romance both have the perfect depth to them. I am really looking forward to the next book in this series. You will love this book.


The best yet! This series is better with each book and I absolutely loved it.


Must Read book in a Must Read series.

They can change life aboard the Endurance, if only they can work together.

Thanks to a small disaster aboard the Endurance, popular, beautiful and adored Laura Hyland is unable to meet the terms of a promissory note she wrote. The note has been signed over to the horrible Micah Thorn, an elite coder with a dark reputation and no social skills. The note ties Laura to Thorn and forces her to work with him. When she digs into his personal history, though, his work takes on a far deeper meaning…and could change everyone’s life for the better.

Promissory Note is the third book in the science fiction romance series readers are calling gripping, superb and fantastic. Written by award-winning SFR author Tracy Cooper-Posey, it is set aboard the closed-system marathon-class vessel Endurance, a generation ship a thousand years from its destination. If you like the smart, romantic SF of authors like Linnea Sinclair and Anna Hackett, you will love the Endurance series.

Dive into this thought-provoking new romance series today!

This book is part of The Endurance SFR series:

0.5 5,001
1.0 Greyson’s Doom
2.0 Yesterday’s Legacy
3.0 Promissory Note
3.1 Quiver and Crave
4.0 Xenogenesis
5.0 Junkyard Heroes
5.1 Evangeliya
6.0 Skinwalker’s Bane
…and more to come!

A Science Fiction Romance Novel.

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Promissory Note
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 by Hannah
Surprises Like This...

...are why I read mixed genre romance in the first place. A very simple weaving of plot, character development, and romance creates a gestalt novel and satisfies. No clunky long-winded explanations, just an intimate world built through well-paced action. While I wouldn’t call the technical side very technical at all, it is somewhat misleading to say so. Those technical bits are explained with brief and uncomplicated prose, requiring no special expertise to understand or appreciate. That is unique in my opinion; many sci fi authors depend on the reader’s ability to navigate complexities. This author does a brilliant job of telling you a story instead, without losing any of the benefits of a plot you can sink your teeth into. This is my first reading by this author, certainly not my last.

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