Scandalous Scions. Book 6.5

Victorian Era Historical Romance Boxed Set

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If you are familiar with the previous series, I am sure you fell in love with the huge family like I did.

She is a go to author for me when I need a fix of historical romance.


Tracy Cooper-Posey takes us into the staid yet surprisingly bawdy Victorian Era where appearance is everything and secrets are held inside the family.

The second three novels of the beloved historical romance series in one set.

The sexy historical romance series, Scandalous Scions, brings together the members of three great families, to love and play under the gaze of the Victorian era’s moralistic, straight-laced society.

Mask of Nobility
He’s royalty.  She’s a commoner.  Their association has no future.
There were a lot of laughs and even some tears. It seems you experience every emotion in the pages of her books. – Reader Review

Law of Attraction
Her husband will divorce her for adultery, no matter the cost or the ruin it will deliver.
Jack refused to ever marry as long as Jenny was alive even though she was married to someone else. Can you get any more tragically romantic than that? – Reader review.

Veil of Honour
Bridget’s downfall at the hands of a duke forces Will to save her.
Even when you think you can’t be surprised, there is a twist, a turn, a scandal that will.

Reader Advisory: This boxed set contains frank sex scenes and sexual language.

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Scandalous Scions Two
Average rating:  
 5 reviews
 by Heather Baxter
Scandalous Scions Il. Mask of Mobility, Law of Attraction, Veil of Honour.

All 3 of these books together were great reads, between them there were tears, fights, tantrums, arguments & s lot of love.

These books almost came to life in my eyes, as the Authoress really does know how to tell a story, warts & all.

Enjoyed each of these books for their individuality & the story they told. I have also come to love "The Gatherings".

Thanking you Tracy.

 by Glenys Nicoll
Scandalous scions

Do yourself a favour, if you love romance, read this series

 by Jessica
You'll not want to put these down!

I almost consider myself a member of The Great Family with how well Tracy brings you into their fold. You'll cry, laugh and maybe get a little hot while reading each of these. Truly a wonderful continuation to the series and well worth the read!

 by IngSav
Awesome! I was immersed and delighted by the drama and romance of each story in this series.

This series is so well written that I found myself compulsively reading each book and was completely transported to Victorian England!

There are delightful twists and surprises that author Tracy Cooper-Posey throws into the stories to satisfy every reason for my addiction to this wonderful series!!

Interesting and complex character development makes dialogue between the characters truly entertaining.

I thoroughly enjoyed the exciting stories of each family member of this series and better yet is the way these stories unfold! Author Tracy Cooper-Posey has a talent for making the characters so real, in a succinct way, which draws the reader's empathy while moving the action and adventure along at an exciting pace.

It's a delight that each book in the series is different in its exploration of the relationships of the Great Family member(s) and beyond expectations that each successive story is even better than the previous!!

 by Kathi Soniat
Great Series – Super set of Stories Within!!

Mask of Nobility– 5 stars

Truly well-crafted and entertaining read!!

In a family which breaks many social norms; Bronwen has chosen to live in the countryside and live freely, sporting bare feet and a casual air. When the Archduke Edvard Christoffer of Silkborg is taking a break from his duties (and the young ladies hoping to be his wife) he goes to where he knows the rules are not so strict. Bronwen is a beautiful puzzle, and quite clever. “Tor”, as Edvard is going by to remain unknown, must fend for himself with no servants, and hike about the property.

A delightful relationship builds between Tor and Bronwen. She challenges him and teaches him her country ways. When duty calls, Tor says goodbye to Bronwen, as he would not ask her to give up her freedom. But as Bronwen misses Tor greatly – perhaps she can make the choice to rejoin society to become an appropriate match for him in his world.

Humorous and sexy – the extended family and their refusal to bow to societal norms creates a delightful glimpse into their version of the Victorian era.

Law of Attraction – 5 stars

Who Knew the Victorian Era Could be so Scintillating?!?

Jenny has accepted a wedding proposal so her true interest Jack can meet family expectations. A change in situation has her husband publicly and scandalously divorcing her in a court of law, the church and public opinion.

An emotional and delightfully woven story of love, obligation and family ties. When all members of the family are considered “tainted” by association this unique family once again gathers forces and works to resolve this situation. This story will be more enjoyable if you have read prior stories in the series, as many members of this family once again make an appearance. This will not be a hardship as all books within this series are written with excellent character exposition, intricate story lines and high entertainment.

This series is not-to-be-missed. I highly recommend!!

Veil of Honor– 5 stars

Fascinating Trip into Historic Times!!

This author puts you squarely back into history with the sights, sounds and scents of the times. Old-fashioned morality, the season, family expectations and beyond. Bridget is set of marrying outside the great family. When a soon-to-be-fiancé ends up being a cad instead… she accepts Will’s proposal; she needs protection and he needs an heir. When they seem to be making quite a success of this arrangement, suddenly Will cannot face the results and basically abandons Bridget at their rural estate. When he must eventually make amends; it may be too late.

Bridget is forced to learn to run a household and takes on the responsibility for those on the estate and the nearby community. Women are not allowed to own property, and a business is included therein. This story is a brilliant exposition on earlier times woven within a true love story. Immerse yourself in this exquisite story which I highly recommend!!

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