The Highest Glass Bridge in the World

You KNOW I’m going to put this into a book somewhere!

I came across my notes about this bridge in my notebooks this morning, and paused to study it again.

This is the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon bridge in China. And yes, it is made out of glass. So as you walk across the very deep canyon, you can see the bottom right through the glass under your feet.

My notebooks contain weird and interesting bits like this, that eventually make their way into stories. For instance, the world’s deadliest and highest mountain pass, the Albano pass in Georgia (right).

I have a pretty good head for heights, but I get a little woozy looking at this pass.

It’s four-wheel drive only, and only wide enough for one car. If you study the image to the left, you can spot a single car on it, down in the bottom right of the image. That will give you a sense of scale.

It is the only way into and out of the parks in the high Caucasus Mountains, and it shuts down in winter (thank you for that, at least!).

The image of the Albano Pass stayed in my notebooks for years. I was dying to put it into a story just because it was so cool.

And eventually, I did.

In my daytime disguise as the fantasy author Taylen Carver, I just released the last book in one of Taylen’s series, and apart from bricking the entire world, I also had the main characters having to drive up and down the Albana Pass.

So much fun. (I also got to use one of my other obsessions, volcanoes. A lot.)

Back to the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon bridge.

There is a video on YouTube showing people swinging sledge hammers against the glass that is flat-out sick making:

As I said, I’m generally good with heights, but walking across this thing…mmm, I would be tentative, all the way across. No bouncing, no heavy steps….

So, this morning, when I found the entry in my notebooks, I paused and thought about

…and nope, right now, I can’t think of a single story I could put it into. But for sure, one day I will.

Because it’s just too cool and freaky to not find a story for it.

Perhaps I’ll just make a story, wrapped around the bridge, just to have it out there, making readers like you feel as woozy as I do, looking at it.


Tracy Cooper-Posey

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